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Your curly hair is as unique as you are! You deserve a cut that is customized to your particular curls, surface texture, and face shape using styling techniques that fit with your lifestyle and curl goals. At Gilded Fox our curl specialists are well trained in enhancing your natural curls, from wavy to coily, and are passionate about teaching our clients how to best care for their scalp and hair at home.

Established in 2016 by curly hair specialist and educator Andrea Neal-Thiesen, Gilded Fox is a trusted name for curly hair in Portland OR. Andrea meticulously trains each stylist herself as well as consistently brings top hair education to the salon to ensure we’re at the forefront of curly hair knowledge and trends.

The Experience:

The New Client Curly Experience is 3 hours and includes a Curly Cut and product detox, as well as a full lesson in cleansing, hydrating, styling, and drying using Innersense Organic Beauty products. Returning Curly Cut Experiences are about 2 hours; at every appointment we try to hone in your curl routine, assessing how the products are working, refining styling techniques, and adding any tips we can think of to get the most longevity out of your wash day. We are here for you and your curls in every phase and season of life.

The Technique:

We cut curly hair dry, in its natural state, using our technical expertise and intuition navigating curly cutting techniques to find the right blend for your specific curl patterns and lifestyle needs. Essentially we believe in shaping curls like a bonsai tree, sculpting each head of curls specifically to the wearer, and are passionate about our clients being able to recreate their salon curls at home.

Arrive Ready:

To prepare for your curly cut or color service please come in wearing first or second day curls, down, dry, detangled, and naturally curly with no pins, clips, or rubber bands so your stylist can see your true natural curl pattern. We can’t wait to meet you!

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